SPIRITUAL POEMS: “Kalpa” (in English) by Amado Nervo “Kalpa”(in Spanish)



“Do you want all this to begin again?”
“Yes!” the chorus replied.

In all the eternities
that preceded our world,
how can we refuse to believe that there have already
been other planets with human beings,

whose Homers have declaimed
their first heroic deeds
and whose Shakespeares have shared wisdom gleaned
from delving into the depths of the soul?

Serpent biting your tail,
uncompromising circle, black
ball that turns without ceasing,
monotonous refrain of the same song,
abysmal tide—
is this story of yours ever to have an end?

Amado Nervo (1914)



“¿Quieres que todo esto comience de nuevo?”
“¡Sí!”, Respondió el coro.


En todas las eternidades
que a nuestro mundo precedieron,
¿cómo negar que ya existieron
planetas con humanidades;

y hubo Homeros que describieron
las primeras heroicidades,
y hubo Shakespeares que ahondar supieron
del alma en las profundidades?

Serpiente que muerdes tu cola,
inflexible círculo, bola
negra que giras sin cesar,
refrán monótono del mismo
canto, marea del abismo,
¿sois cuento de nunca acabar?…

Amado Nervo (1914)


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