“Kill the enmity not the enemy” (re-blogged)

Thank you for the inspiration! The world needs more Love to heal all the wounds…. (re-blogging)

Inspiring Stories

Two countries were at war for the last so many days. Many soldiers had died in both the armies. The border areas were scenes of death and destruction. Each night the soldiers would return to their barracks, some wounded, some disillusioned and some vengeful. Others were dead and never did return.

One such night, a wounded soldier, knocked at a lonesome cottage in the sinister darkness. An old woman opened the door. Without any questions, hesitations or semblance of fear she let the young fellow in. He said brusquely, “I have a bullet in my arm. I need help.” She said, “Look son, I am all alone here. My son too is in the army, but he is not here. I’ll do whatever I can to help you. Sit down by the log fire and make yourself warm.

She brought him some hot tea and a few slices of bread…

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