POEMS: “Don’t Bother With A Funeral”


Don’t Bother With A Funeral”

Don’t bother with a funeral
It is a ceremony of old
The one we’ve clung to longest
It’s so hard to break the mould

Traditional Christenings and Weddings
Have moved on with passing time
Some have let go of the old ways
Knowing their absence is no crime

For God is not only in a church
Or wherever we go to pray
All-That-Is lives in our hearts
And Omnipresent, every day

Why put people through the agony
Of saying a last goodbye?
Producing memories of sadness
That linger and make us cry

Their passing causes enough pain
So why create even more?
Especially as they live on
The other side of a locked door

The door is locked to us for now
But one day we will have the key
And be united through our love
Together again, our ‘eyes’ will see

When our coats are worn and old
We all just easily throw them away
The body is just an overcoat we wear
Containing our Spirit, for our Earthly stay

Duty and respect are words we use
Keeping people locked in, to follow rules
It’s time to let go of past reasons
And follow our heart, to where it pulls

If we didn’t visit them much in life
Why do we haste to say goodbye?
Maybe guilt and regret play a part
‘Paying Respect’ a fitting white lie

Beautiful flowers adorn the box
Where our overcoat is laid to rest
But in life did we give them flowers?
When they can enjoy them, is truly best

So don’t bother with my funeral
No need for ceremony to say goodbye
Love me as in life, as I love you
And in death, I’ll wait to say ‘Hi’

Oh please, I do not want a ceremony
I’ve just got rid of my overcoat
I’m free now to be omnipresent
Into your thoughts I will easily float

I mean it truly, don’t give me a funeral
My dearest ones, I love you and truly care
Remember the happy times that we shared
And know, for you I will always be there

by Trina Graves (Nov. 2017)


Posted with permission from the author. Trina has a wonderful spiritual and inspirational blog at:  http://www.spiritual-quotes-to-live-by.com


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Anita Bowden says:

    I so agree with the sentiments expressed in this poem!


  2. Hi Anita! I just discovered Trina’s poems, and I am also very much in tune with her sentiments. I hope you enjoy other poems I will be posting from her. Warm regards, Amira


  3. LindaP says:

    I agree with this as well!


  4. Hi Linda: I also love the concept of having a memorial for friends and family for a “celebration of life”, celebrating the memories, and keeping our loved ones always alive in our hearts. Sending you my love, Amira


  5. Trina Graves says:

    Thank you for sharing this poem Amira, I am so pleased to see that it is liked as when I wrote it I wasn’t sure about putting on my website.

    I have just added a new poem, ‘Backpacking In Paradise’ written today. It’s on my sympathy poem page if you want to take a look. I haven’t written anything for ages, so when the title popped into my head today, I stopped what I was doing and wrote this.
    Love, Light & Blessings


    1. Dear Trina: I am running to your site right now…. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    2. Well… I just read it…. and I am still tearful. It’s truly beautiful, it really touched me deeply. I think this will surely be the next one from you coming up in my blog soon 🙂 Thank you for the inspiration!!! Please keep writing!!! Love & light, Amira


      1. Trina Graves says:

        Oh, thank you so much. Just to know it had that effect on you alone, is well worth the writing. I also really enjoyed doing it so, yes! I will keep writing, I haven’t written a quote poem for my blog since January so I will be doing that soon. Would you like me to email you whenever I write a new poem for my website?
        Love, Light & Blessings


        1. Oh, thank you! That would be lovely if it’s not too much trouble, you know I am your fan! 🙂 Love & Light, Amira


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