LOVE POEMS: “I Found A Few Old Letters” By Rabindranath Tagore


I Found A Few Old Letters


I found a few old letters of mine carefully hidden in thy box
a few small toys for thy memory to play with. With a timorous
heart thou didst try to steal these trifles from the turbulent
stream of time which washes away planets and stars,and didst
say, “These are only mine!” Alas, there is no one now who can
claim them—who is able to pay their price; yet they are still
here. Is there no love in this world to rescue thee from utter
loss, even like this love of thine that saved these letters
with such fond care?

O woman, thou camest for a moment to my side and touched me
with the great mystery of the woman that there is in the heart
of creation—she who ever gives back to God his own outflow of
sweetness; who is the eternal love and beauty and youth; who
dances in bubbling streams and sings in the morning light;
who with heaving waves suckles the thirsty earth and whose
mercy melts in rain; in whom the eternal one breaks in two
in joy that can contain itself no more and overflows in
the pain of love.

by Rabindranath Tagore



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