How my dog changed my life? by Binita (re-blogged)

Pets are earth angels, and become a tremendous source of unconditional love, joy and inspiration in our lives. I enjoyed reading this post and would like to share it with other pet lovers! Amira

How my dog changed my life?

I never thought I was a dog person. That was a while ago, today I am a stay at home dog parent. This is how the transformation happened…


Educated Unemployed Indian

How my dog changed my life, pet, pets, dog, dogs, pet owner, dog owner How my dog changed my life, for the better!

Having a pet in your life will inevitably change your life for ever. Your old self will cease to exist and your whole life will take a new turn. Caring for a pet is a challenging, time consuming and most of the times a very difficult task. But it is also very fulfilling, full of adventure, surprises and warm fuzzy cosy moments to die for.

The start of a new journey:

“The first moment we laid our eyes on her we knew she was one of us, a part of the family.”

dog, puppy, pet, pet owner How my dog changed my life, for the better!

I still remember the first day Nina, our pet dog arrived in our house. It has been a little over a year now and I simply can’t imagine how we ever lived without her! The first moment we laid…

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  1. Such a marvelous and inspiring read. Dogs are like that and they are therapy boosters. I too own a Golden Retriever and she is a darling. Thanks.


  2. I’m glad you enjoyed it! Oh yeah, just reading about them or thinking about them puts a smile on your face! The y truly are the best therapy and great teachers! They teach us the meaning of being happy, playful, spontaneously living in the moment, appreciating every little thing in life and most of all, unconditional love! Sending a kiss to your golden girl 🙂 Amira


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