• “Human beings are members of a whole,
    In creation of one essence and soul.
    If one member is afflicted with pain,
    Other members uneasy will remain.
    If you have no sympathy for human pain,
    The name of human you cannot retain.”

  • Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy.


  • Virtue pardons the wicked, as the sandal-tree perfumes the axe which strikes it.


  • A grateful dog is better than an ungrateful man.


  • Every leaf of the tree becomes a page of the book, once the heart is opened and it has learnt to read.


  • Religion is only in the service of the people; it is not in the rosary and the prayer-carpet.


  • A handsome woman is a jewel; a good woman is a treasure.


  • Joy and sorrow, beauty and deformity, equally pass away.


  • Riches are for the comfort of life, and not life for the accumulation of riches. I asked a holy wise man, “Who is fortunate and who is unfortunate?” He replied: “He was fortunate who ate and sowed, and he was unfortunate who died without having enjoyed.


  • Whoever acquires knowledge but does not practice it is as one who ploughs but does not sow.


  • However much you study, you cannot know without action. A donkey laden with books is neither an intellectual nor a wise man. Empty of essence, what learning has he whether upon him is firewood or book?


(1210- 1291)

Saadi of Shiraz (سعدی شیرازی Saadi Shirazi), was a major Persian Poet and literary of the medieval period. He is recognized for the quality of his writings and for the depth of his social and moral thoughts. Saadi is widely recognized as one of the greatest poets of the classical literary tradition, earning him the nickname “Master of Speech” (استاد سخن) or “The Master” among Persian scholars. He has been quoted in the Western traditions as well.

Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saadi_Shirazi

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