FROM THE PHILIPPINES: “The legend of the mango fruit”


“The legend of the mango fruit”


There was once a man named Daeogdog who lived in a quiet village in the Aklan province. He was known for his quick, explosive temper and for always trying to get his way. Thus, it was no surprise when he forced his beautiful and gentle daughter, Aganhon, into an engagement with Maeopig, a young man who was as quarrelsome and domineering as he was. Aganhon pleaded with her father to cancel the engagement, but he flatly refused and kept insisting that his choice was the best.

On the day of the wedding, Aganhon was nowhere to be found. The bridal party searched high and low, until someone finally ventured into a nearby stream and stumbled upon the young bride’s motionless body, with a dagger sticking out of the poor girl’s chest.

Stricken with grief and remorse, Daeogdog dreamt of his daughter on the night of her funeral. In the dream, Aganhon led her father to a tree that grew on the spot where they found her body. As soon as he awakened, Daeogdog rushed over to the stream and found the same tree, its branches heavy with bright yellow fruits that were shaped like hearts.


He sampled one and found it to be as sweet and tender as the heart of the daughter whose feelings he callously disregarded. He called it “mango”/”mangga”, which meant “heart-shaped” in their ancient tongue.


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  1. Wonderful story, dear Amira 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a happy day


  2. Thank you Didi! I’m glad you enjoyed it. You too, my friend, have a beautiful day 🙂


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