From our past and present most famous: Wisdom Quotes on vegetarianism



Vegetarianism may not be for everyone, but the principles certainly open our minds to being more conscious consumers and to become more mindful and aware of the humane treatment of animals.

We can consume cruelty free products instead of products that are tested on animals, keeping in mind the unnecessary pain those animals are subjected to.

We know that modern factory type of animal farming practices are no longer what they used to be 50 years ago.  Currently, farm animals are mostly fed GMO (genetically modified) corn and grains, which in the case of cattle is not a normal food they can digest properly, in fact, it’s an irritant to their digestive systems which are meant to feed on a variety of grasses. However, GMO corn is a cheap substitute, meant to fatten them up quickly for faster profit.

We also know that farm animals are constantly given preventative antibiotics and hormones (while kept in crowded inhumane conditions),  and those antibiotics and hormones are all passed to us through their meat and milk products causing a variety of food sensitivities, allergies and intolerance. There is also a great increase in irritable bowel diseases, and an increase many hormonal changes in young children.

We all have choices, and we can always improve by becoming more informed, and mindful of our choices. We can look for free range organic eggs or use other substitutes, add more vegetables and fruits to our diet, and add more vegetarian recipes to expand our repertoire for a healthier lifestyle.  Knowledge is power! 




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