SPIRITUAL POEMS: “Infinite Love”


Infinite Love

Because of the great,
infinite love which God has for all humankind,
he makes no distinction in love between the blessed soul of Christ
and the lowliest of the souls that are to be saved . . . .
We should highly rejoice that God dwells in our soul
and still more highly should we rejoice that our soul dwells in God.
Our soul is made to be God’s dwelling place,
and the dwelling place of our soul
is God who was never made.

– Julian of Norwich

In 1373, when she was 30 years old, an Englishwoman had a visionary experience during a serious illness. After she had thought about it—perhaps soon after the experience, perhaps as much as fifteen years later—she wrote a relatively brief account of the visions and what they meant to her. But in 1393, she was still meditating on her experience and perhaps had begun to write a longer, more theologically-centered analysis. By 1394 she had become an anchorite, living in a cell attached to the parish church of St. Julian in Norwich (which may be the reason for the name we know her by). Some think that she wrote out her book (which modern editors call Showings or Revelations of Divine Love);others believe that the work was dictated.

Reference: https://www.poetseers.org/spiritual-and-devotional-poets/christian/julian/index.html


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