POEMS: “You are love”


You Are Love

You are a song of love we know
deep within the heart.
You are the bond that binds us
When we are far apart.

You are the strong foundation
for the home in which we live.
You are conscience and compassion,
teaching us to give.

You are the inspiration
that says to do our best.
You are the voice of reason
telling us to rest.

You are an ancient proverb
whispering wisdom in our ears.
You are a source of comfort
that quiets all our fears.

(Author unknown)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Only our mind will not listen to this inner voice… it covers this thin voice with all kind of noisy tools and binds our attention outwardly, not inwardly…

    Thanks for sharing, dear friend 🙂
    Have a nice weekend


  2. Thank you Didi! and Thank you for the light & wisdom that you bring in your beautiful blog! 🙂


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