POEMS: “Love, a splendid word”


Love, a Splendid Word

Love is a splendid word –
it is a dream come true.
Being the power beyond all powers –
it heals the hurt in you.

It’s like a river flowing,
greening its thirsty banks;
or like a young child praying…
offering its heart’s honest thanks.

Love’s a renewing spirit…
that falls on the desert, like rain;
your soul is refreshed by Love’s teardrops
and your life can bear fruit once again.

High on a hill we’ve a vision…
of things unseen from below.
In the world we find indecision…
from the hilltop we’re able to “know!”

Love is a boundless ocean,
deeper than you can conceive.
Its wisdom awaits your discovery –
simply open your mind and believe!

(Author unknown)



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