Legends from the Philippines: “The origins of the rainbow”


The origins of the rainbow

A star fairy, once strayed onto the Earth. Mesmerized by the beautiful sights, she dashed into a tree and fell down unconscious, her wings torn. A farmer found the divine creature. He took great care of her and inevitably they fell in love. The fairy and the farmer married and had a child.

But every night, the fairy would look at the stars and think about her family and friends there. So, one day she decided to pay them a visit, and took off with her son. When she reached the star kingdom, the king was furious at her for straying too far, and confiscated her wings. She couldn’t go back to her husband and became morose, looking down, for hours at the river near their house. The farmer too, would stand on its bank, waiting for his wife and child. One day, the king chanced upon the lovesick couple, and taking pity on them, made a bridge of seven gleaming colors for the fairy to climb down and spend a few precious moments with the farmer.

Next time you see a rainbow think about the lovers that are once again reunited.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this interesting post, dear friend 🙂
    Have a great weekend


  2. Thank you Didi! You too, have a beautiful weekend 🙂


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