ESKIMO POEMS: “Untitled Shaman Song “


Untitled Shaman Song

The great sea
frees me, moves me,
as a strong river carries a weed.
Earth and her strong winds
move me, take me away,
and my soul is swept up in joy.

Uvavnuk (Iglulik Eskimo, 19th century) [translated by Jane Hirshfield]


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  1. markssong5 says:

    Manfred Mann and Bob Dylan …..when Quin the Eskimo gets here were all gonna jump for joy ,
    Come on within , come on without
    You’ve not seen nothing like the mighty Quin . ✌️☮️✌️


  2. Yes! I remember that song 🙂 (and there was a movie as well)


    1. markssong5 says:

      A movie , I’m an avid movie goer ….now I remember the song , but unfortunately not old enough to know the movie . Can you tell me the name of the movie , please ✌️☮️✌️


  3. “The Savage Innocents” is a 1959-1960 film, adapted from the novel “Top of the World” by Swiss writer Hans Rüesch, Starring Anthony Quinn as INUK. Here is the link to Wikipedia:
    Here is another link:

    Take care Mark 🙂


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