SHORT WISDOM EXCERPT FROM: “The Prophet’s candle” by Daniel


SHORT EXCERPT FROM: “The Prophet’s candle” by Daniel


The Soul

The upon a day of vast silences, the child tearfully spoke unto the Mystic:

-“Oh Mystic wise, I fear that I shall never be more than I am today”

And the Mystic answered saying:

“Many are the ways in which men would seek the value of their lives and the world would build monuments to testify upon their behalf.

But I would not have you measure your worth with nails and brick, lumber and glass, far more are you worth than this.

Rather measure yourself by the amount of love you freely give, by the light that you bring into the darkened world;

And know also that you may never see, by the kind word you speak, the effect it shall have upon another soul’s path.

You are a child of God, perfect in every way, and it matters not how tall you stand, but rather how you walk through Life.

It is not the grandeur of your earthly fame, but the kindness of your smallest deed that makes the angels sing.

It is in the pureness of your heart, and not the color of your skin, not the stature of your body, but rather the strength from within.

You are all that you are, and that my child is enough.

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