St. Valentine’s Day, is a day to celebrate love and to express love. Love to your kids, your parents, your coworkers, your pet, your neighbors, your friends or your other half.

Aside from the traditional chocolates , flowers and cards, here are some other ideas to express your love:


  • Make a favorite recipe that your loved ones enjoy and make it with love. Put a little extra effort in the presentation of the dish and the setting of the table, maybe using some colorful red or pink napkins, some candles, or use your nice set of china.


  • Whether is just a simple salad beautified with edible flowers or colorful vegetables and red fruits like dry cranberries; or a favorite desert like a heart shaped cake, heart shape cookies, parfaits or simple ice cream served in  beautiful glasses or cut up fruit in the shape of hearts.
  • Make some ice cubes by freezing  flowers, fruits, or pomegranate seeds in the ice cubes.
  • If you are making cookies for example, make an extra batch and bring it to work or bring some to your lonely neighbor. (Spread the love!)
  • Send a card or an electronic card to someone who is alone, and let them know  that someone is thinking about her or him. You can even write a letter of gratitude to someone you admire, or  write a poem!



  • Put a little note in your loved one’s purse, briefcase or lunch box.
  • Plan for a special activity for your loved ones, it can be watching a special movie together, listening to music, going out to a botanical garden, museum or anywhere you all enjoy.
  • Treat yourself and your loved one to a spa day (this can be also done at home if you are on a budget)
  • Share the love with your pets!
  • Share your smiles and hugs freely!

Zen Love

  • Add a little ZEN to your relationships:

By being MINDFUL. Mindfulness means “paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally,”

Harvard psychologist Ellen Langer, Ph.D., says that noticing is the key to mindfulness. When you fully listen without interrupting, without trying to fix the problem, and without judgment, your loved one will feel heard.

“If you’re actively noticing things—so you’re going to go home tonight and, if you live with somebody, notice five new things about that person. It’s very—it can be very specific. And what will happen is, the person will start to come alive for you again, and that facilitates the relationship.”…

“Are you thinking about bills that you need to pay, mentally coming up with your grocery list, or planning tomorrow’s workday? Your wandering mind may be pulling you away from your partner. Imagine what your conversations will be like when you both acutely focus on each other”…

If you and your loved ones work on cultivating present-moment awareness, you can be happier, feel closer and more deeply understood, and feel more fulfilled in your relationship. Don’t take your loved ones for granted!


  • If you can, Take the day off and celebrate with your loved ones!

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