POEMS: “The Seeker” by Lucy Maud Montgomery (searching for happiness)


The Seeker 

I sought for my happiness over the world,
Oh, eager and far was my quest;
I sought it on mountain and desert and sea,
I asked it of east and of west.
I sought it in beautiful cities of men,
On shores that were sunny and blue,
And laughter and lyric and pleasure were mine
In palaces wondrous to view;
Oh, the world gave me much to my plea and my prayer
But never I found aught of happiness there!

Then I took my way back to a valley of old
And a little brown house by a rill,
Where the winds piped all day in the sentinel firs
That guarded the crest of the hill;
I went by the path that my childhood had known
Through the bracken and up by the glen,
And I paused at the gate of the garden to drink
The scent of sweet-briar again;
The homelight shone out through the dusk as of yore
And happiness waited for me at the door!

by Lucy Maud Montgomery



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  1. SmartDiet says:

    I feel very inspired by your posts and think that many more people should see your blog. Therefore I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. For more information on the nomination, please visit the following post on my own blog: http://smart-diet.loveandjoy.net/2018/02/07/sunshine-blogger-award/
    Regards, Helen


    1. OMG! Dear Helen: Thank you so much for your feedback and for such an honor! You made my day and put a smile on my face! I’m very grateful. My hope has been to spread inspiration, as we move through life and all it’s challenges. There is much beauty if we can focus on it !!! Thank you! Amira 🙂


    2. OMG! Thank you soooo much! This is such a beautiful surprise and unexpected honor! You put a smile on my face this morning! The intent of my blog is to share inspiration. We all go through the challenges of our lives, but it’s helpful to focus on the beauty all around us, to maintain inner peace, balance, and a positive outlook. I am very grateful for your nomination and your feedback 🙂 Warm regards, Amira


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