SPIRITUAL POEMS: “The Message” by George William Russell

dove-peaceThe Message

DO you not feel the white glow in your breast, my bird?
That is the flame of love I send to you from afar:
Not a wafted kiss, hardly a whispered word,
But love itself that flies as a white-winged star.

Let it dwell there, let it rest there, at home in your heart:
Wafted on winds of gold, it is Love itself, the Dove.
Not the god whose arrows wounded with bitter smart,
Nor the purple-fiery birds of death and love.

Do not ask for the hands of love or love’s soft eyes:
They give less than love who give all, giving what wanes.
I give you the star-fire, the heart-way to Paradise,
With no death after, no arrow with stinging pains.

by George William Russell


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  1. reading this meant so much to me. I am sure I was intended to hear this today. Thank you.


  2. Thank you Michele! I am so glad to hear that! Also, intended for you is the post “To an early daffodil” 🙂


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