CHRISTMAS POEMS: “If Christmas is for children”…


If Christmas Is Only For Children
Then it’s also there for you and me . . .
for isn’t it through the eyes of a child
that we see the Christmas tree?

I love the sounds of Christmas
and love all that it can be . . .
If only I don’t let the joy
drift away from me.

The child that’s deep inside my heart…
was brought to life one Christmas Eve
as I sat beside the fireplace…
restfully taking time to read.

My Christmas tree was twinkling…
It was such a lovely sight…
But something there was missing..
it didn’t seem as bright.

It wasn’t as I remembered,
so many years ago….
when Christmas Eve was filled
with so much joy
….Oh, I loved it so.

Was it missing a special ornament?
An angel bright and golden?
Or was it missing something else,
something the years had stolen?

Suddenly, I heard a sound
deep within my memory.
I headed for the attic
with the hopes that I would see….

Exactly what was missing…
and it meant so much to me.

With all the joy of years gone by
I went from box to trunk
It had to be there somewhere
amidst what some would think was junk!

As I moved one box and then another…
childlike excitement rose..
There was a treasure hidden there
beneath the dusty piles of clothes.

The years had packed away
much more than I had ever realized
but then it all came rushing back
right before my eyes!

A silly looking teddy bear…
with missing fur and
just one ear….
was right where I had put him
thinking I’d passed my childish years.

But as I hugged him to my breast
as tightly as before…
the child within my heart awoke
and knew what Christmas had in store.

You see, I had thought my Christmas joy
was gone forever more…
But there it was just waiting
for me to open up the door.

Waiting in my heart
and in my memories….
and ‘Giggles’ now would take his place
beside my Christmas tree.

What was it that was missing?
It wasn’t the ‘teddy bear’….
but the child that I had locked away…
and I might have left her there…

If I had not realized
on that Christmas Eve so crispy cold….
that what was missing from my Christmas
was the child I’d let grow old!

Release the child within your heart…..
allow her/him to see the tree.
Read her/him the Savior’s story
and have a Happy Christmas
– from me.

(Author unknown)



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