POEMS: “Benediction” by George William Russell


NOW the rooftree of the midnight spreading,
Buds in citron, green, and blue:
From afar its mystic odours shedding,
Child, on you.

Now the buried stars beneath the mountain
And the vales their life renew,
Jetting rainbow blooms from tiny fountains,
Child, for you.

In the diamond air the sun-star glowing,
Up its feathered radiance threw;
All the jewel glory there was flowing,
Child, for you.

As within the quiet waters passing,
Sun and moon and stars we view,
So the loveliness of life is glassing,
Child, in you.

And the fire divine in all things burning
Seeks the mystic heart anew,
From its wanderings far again returning,
Child, to you.

by George William Russell


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