The fisherman’s story (about making your dreams a reality)


One day a man was walking by the water and he decided to sit and relax for a while. He then observed a fisherman who was fishing and catching one fish after the other. The fisherman seemed to be so lucky!

However, something peculiar was happening: Every time he would catch a fish, the fisherman would measure it, and if it was the right measure he had, or smaller. he would keep the fish; but if it was a bigger fish than his measure, he would set it free back in the water. 

The man observed this strange behaviour for a while until he could no longer stand his curiosity, so he decided to approach the fisherman and asked him:

-“Excuse me sir, you seem to be very lucky catching so many fish today… but I was wondering why are you letting the big fish go back to the water, and just  keeping the catch of the smaller fish?”

The fisherman then replied: -Well, it’s very simple, he said, “you see here I have my measure, so I know the correct size of my catch.  This measurement I have, is the exact size of my frying pan. If the fish are bigger than my pan, I let them go, if they are smaller or the exact size I keep them.”


Of course the fisherman’s reply sounds very silly, because after all, we all know that he could have kept the bigger fish and cut them up in smaller pieces to fit his pan, however; it’s a relevant story because sometimes we also do exactly the same, with our dreams…

When the stream of life throws you a big idea, a dream you truly would like to achieve, something that ignites your passion, something that would make you very happy and fulfilled, do you throw the dream back to the ocean, and settle for less; or do you catch that big dream and go to town with it?

Why are we afraid of making our dreams a reality?

Perhaps we are  more comfortable remaining complacent in a status quo,  (even if we are unhappy) and let excuses become false beliefs; or we let other’s negative opinions  influence us, so we become fearful and avoid taking a risk…

We sometimes think : If I could only do this… or  if I could attract that to my life… but then we disregard the idea, thinking “it will never happen, it’s just a silly dream, “it does not fit in my frying pan”

Next time the stream of Life send us a big dream, let’s not judge our dreams as “impossible” and let us not measure them with a “small frying pan”.

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