Part 1. INSPIRATIONAL PET STORIES: “A dog named Bobby from Scotland”

Sculpture of Greyfriars Bobby

The Statue of Bobby was sculpted from Life by William Brody and unveiled without ceremony in November 1873.


Bobby was a little Skye Terrier dog owned by John Gray (or ‘Auld Jock’ as he was known to locals) Bobby was so loyal to his master that when Auld Jock died of tubeculosis on 15th February in 1858 and was buried in an unmarked grave in Greyfriar’s Kirkyard, Bobby kept a daily vigil and lay over his masters grave for 14 years until his own death on 14th January 1872.

Bobby became such a popular sight that people would come from all over the country to wait at the gates for the One O’ Clock Gun to be fired, Bobby’s signal to temporarily leave his post to be fed by locals.

Originally a Gardener, John Gray came to Edinburgh in the early 1800’s with his wife Jess and his son also named John. Due to the harsh winter weather there was little work for a gardener and so John Gray joined The Edinburgh Police as constable No.90 where he was required to get a watch dog.

There began a devoted partnership that lasted 14 years after his death and has been immortalized in Scottish History.

Bobby is said to have sat by the grave for 14 years. He died in 1872 and was buried just inside the gate of Greyfriars Kirkyard, not far from John Gray’s grave.

A year later, the English philanthropist Lady Burdett-Coutts was charmed by the story and had a drinking fountain topped with Bobby’s statue (commissioned from the sculptor William Brodie) erected at junction of George IV Bridge and Candlemaker Row (opposite the entrance to the churchyard) to commemorate him.

Bobby’s collar is on display at the Huntly House Museum in the Canongate, Royal Mile.

In 1961 Walt Disney turned Bobby’s Story into a much loved feature film and more recently a new version of the story ” The Adventures of Greyfriar’s Bobby” directed by John Henderson was released in cinemas in February 2006.



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  1. Beautiful tear jerker-Have you heard of Hachi? Dogs are a wonder. thank you


  2. Yes, Hachi is part 2 of the series, I’m collecting inspirational stories about pets and making them a series. Their little hearts are so huge, aren’t they?


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