PET POEMS: “Disposable”




I was born in the summer a few years ago;
Quite why I was born I never will know.
Some folks owned my mother; decided to breed …
No reason I know of except for their greed.
I know I was hungry, I know I was cold
And they sold me quite early, at just five weeks old.
Owners number one seemed friendly at first
And life was quite good, until my bubble burst.
They started to argue; their marriage split up
And in went the ad, for sale 4 month pup.
Some more folks arrived, the next ones in line …
They treated me kindly, and life was just fine.
But the master dropped dead, and she couldn’t cope
So they sold me again as I began to lose hope.
I now had a new home up in the sky …
We went up the lift, fourteen floors high.
The new folks were kind, but they left me all day.
I was busting to pee, and had no where to play.
It was boredom, I think, when I chewed up that chair.
They agreed I should go, but it just wasn’t fair.
The next home was good and I thought this was it …
They started to show, and I won … well … a bit.
Then somebody told them that I had “no bone,”
And in went the ad, for sale to good home.
The next lot were dreadful … they wanted a guard,
But I didn’t know that … although I tried hard.
One night they got burgled and I didn’t bark,
Tied up in that shed, alone in the dark.
For four months I lay in that cold dark shed
With only an old paper sack for a bed,
A small dish of water all slimy and green …
The state I was in, well, it had to be seen.
I longed for some help, for an end to the pain,
Then some new people came, and I went off again.
So now I’m with rescue, and this home is good! There are walks in the country and lots of good food …
There are kisses and cuddles to greet me each day
And I dread the time that they send me away.
But for now here I stand, skin and bone, on all fours …
PLEASE!!! Don’t let this happen to any of yours.

~Author unknown



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Such a powerful post, and too often true. People fail to research the dog breed, and rush out to get a high energy pup. Then they throw it away because it has too much energy!! I even met a woman who threw away a Great Dane because it “got too big”. Really, what did you think would happen??


  2. It is a very sad reality that breaks your heart…Hopefully, increasing awareness, getting people to do their research & planning properly for the arrival of their new pet, can help minimize these sad stories and the unnecessary animal suffering.


  3. LindaP says:

    We see this way too often,when people buy pets on a whim not realizing the commitment involved and the poor animal pays the price!


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