SPIRITUAL POEMS: “The garden of my heart” by J. Krishnamurti (From darkness to light)




I am the path Leading to the sheltered garden Of thy heart, O world. I am the fountain That feeds thy garden, O world, With the tears Of my experience. I am the scented flower That beautifies thy garden, The honey thereof, The delight of thy heart. Destroy the weeds In thy garden, O world, And keep thy heart pure and strong, For there alone I can grow.

Create no barriers In the garden of thy heart, O world, For in limitation I wither and die. I have a garden In my heart, O world, Where every flower Speaketh of thee.

Open the gates Of thy garden of thy heart, O world, And let me in. Without me There shall be no shade, Nor the soft breeze From the cool mountains.

I have a garden in my heart, O world, That hath no beginning And no end, Where the mighty Do sit with the poor, Where the Gods Do delight with the human. Open as the vast skies, Clear as the mountain stream, Strong as the tree in the wind, Is my heart.

Come, O world, Gather thy flowers In the garden of my heart.

From  “Darkness to Light”

by Jiddu Krishnamurti




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