POEMS: “Come and sit beside me by, open & free” by J. Krishnamurti (From darkness to Light)



Ah, come sit beside me by the sea,

open and free.

I will tell thee of that inward calmness

As of the still deep;

Of that inward freedom

As of the skies;

Of that inward happiness

As of the dancing waters.

And as now the moon makes a silent path on the dark sea,

So beside me lies the clear path of pure understanding.

The groaning sorrow is hid under a mocking smile,

The heart is heavy with the burden of corruptible love,

The deceptions of the mind pervert thought.

Ah, come sit beside me,

Open and free.

As the even flow of clear sunlight,

So shall thine understanding come to thee.

The burdensome fear of anxious waiting

Shall go from thee as the waters recede before the rushing winds.

Ah, come sit beside me,

Thou shalt know of the understanding of true love.

As the mind drives the blind clouds,

So shall thy brutish prejudice be driven by clear thought.

The moon is in love with the sun

And the stars fill the skies with their laughter.

Oh, come sit beside me

Open and free.


From: “Darkness to Light”

by Jiddu Krishnamurti




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