POEMS: “I am all”




I am the blue firmament and the black cloud, I am the waterfall and the sound thereof, I am the graven image and the stone by the wayside, I am the rose and the falling petals thereof, I am the flower of the field and the sacred lotus, I am the sanctified waters and the still pool, I am the tree that towereth among the mountains And the blade of grass in the peaceful lane, I am the tender spring leaf and the evergreen foliage. I am the barbarian and the sage, I am the pious and the impious, I am the godly and the ungodly, I am the harlot and the virgin, I am the liberated and the man of time, I am the renunciation and the proud possessor, I am the destructible and the indestructible. I am neither This nor That, I am neither detached nor attached, I am neither heaven nor hell, I am neither philosophies nor creeds, I am neither the Guru nor the disciple.

O friend, I contain all.

I am clear as the mountain stream, Simple as the new spring leaf. Few know me. Happy are they That meet with me.

From “Darkness to Light”

by Jiddu Krishnamurti


(12 May 1895 – 17 February 1986) was a philosopher, speaker and writer.




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