Dear Self,
You are only human.
You are not perfect,
and really if you were,
how absolutely dreadful that would be.

But Self,
do remember,
that you are not defined by your imperfections,
you are not ruled nor controlled,
merely challenged.

Think of it this way,
you now have a chance to be better than you were,
you now have a chance to understand more about yourself,
people around you,
and the world as a whole.

So in essence what separates the wise,
from those who pretty much take themselves too seriously,
is your reaction to yourself.

Lighten up.
You’re not all that bad.
You’re actually really good.

So when you look in the mirror,
and notice all the blemishes,
smile and say,
this too shall pass.

After all,
you are only human!

(Author unknown)




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