POEMS: “On Life’s Back road “


If you travel on the back road
in your journey through this life,
’twill free you from the heavy load
that emburdens us with strife.

The back road path may slow your pace,
while others move on ahead;
But life should never be a race,
place your ego back in bed.

This road won’t lead to fortune’s fame,
enhance holdings in your purse;
It may shed honor on your name,
free you from life’s greedy curse.

The roses seem will smell as sweet
as you travel, day by day;
Just help someone that you may meet,
who got lost along the way.

The road you choose sets how you live.
Truth should never be denied.
Just choose a path where you may give
and you will be satisfied.

by Joseph Anderson



7 Comments Add yours

  1. markssong5 says:

    Love it , I’ve wrote lots of poems on the road less travelled. This one speaks volumes ✌️


    1. Oh thank you for your feedback! I must read your poems!


      1. markssong5 says:

        Only just got started putting them up and learning the whole blog thing , just starting to get to grips with technology too lol . Thankyou and again a great poem .


  2. I can totally understand! I started my blog last May, and I was lost! The good news: once you get used to it, it will become second nature, like everything else in life. You will be amazed how quickly you’ll pick it up and if I can be of any help, let me know 😉


    1. Wow , thank you milady . I will take you up on that offer if I get stuck , but I like yo work things out as it gives a feeling of higher achievement. Such a kind offer too . I look forward to your posts and a good blogging relationship.


  3. I truly mean it, anytime! If I don’t know the answer at least we can both try to find out and learn something new LOL!


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