CANADA DAY’S POEM: “Together we are Canada” and Anthem Video (music & lyrics)



Happy Canada Day Poems

“Together we are Canada”


My name is British Columbia

the jewel of the West coast

Forestry and fishing are

the things that I do most.


Hi, I am Alberta,

A wild West kind of place

with cows, and oil and mountains,

and lots of open space.


I am Manitoba,

and I’m Saskatchewan,

we are the golden prairies,

where fields of wheat grow in the sun.


Hi, I am Ontario,

the home of government,

to me each year the leaders

of our democracy are sent.


Bonjour, I am Quebec,

Here French is my language too

When I want to ask: how are you?

I say, comment allez vous?


New Newfoundland, New Brunswick,

and Nova Scotia- these are we

We are the Atlantic Provinces,

the three musketeers of the sea.


I am Prince Edward Island,

and I know I may be small,

but without me all the rest of you,

would have no potatoes at all.


The Yukon, Nunavut, and North West

territories are up North.

Through ice, and cold and polar bears,

few brave souls venture forth.


Together we are Canada,

One nation strong and free,

with sharing, friends and happiness,

forever we will be!

by Leanne Guenther



Flags of Canada


One Comment Add yours

  1. LindaP says:

    God bless Canada and keep her free!


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