THE EIGHT FOLD PATH: “teachings of the Buddha”


The eight Buddhist practices in the Noble Eight-fold Path are:

  1. Right Understanding –

    • Right understanding using our intelligence for reflection & contemplation of things & discriminating with wisdom.(The Buddha never intended his followers to believe his teachings blindly, but to practice them and judge for themselves whether they were true.)

  2. Right Intention –

    • A commitment to cultivate the right attitudes.

  3. Right Speech –

    • Speaking truthfully, avoiding slander, gossip and abusive speech.

  4. Right Action –

    • Behaving peacefully and harmoniously; refraining from stealing, killing and overindulgence in sensual pleasure.

  5. Right Livelihood –

    • Avoiding making a living in ways that cause harm, such as exploiting people or killing animals, or trading in intoxicants or weapons.

  6. Right Effort –

    • Cultivating positive states of mind; freeing oneself from evil and unwholesome states and preventing them arising in future.

  7. Right Mindfulness –

    • Developing awareness of the body, sensations, feelings and states of mind.

  8. Right Concentration –

    • Developing the mental focus necessary for this awareness.

The eight stages can be grouped into Wisdom (right understanding and intention), Ethical Conduct (right speech, action and livelihood) and Meditation (right effort, mindfulness and concentration).

The Buddha described the Eight-fold Path as a means to enlightenment, like a raft for crossing a river. Once one has reached the opposite shore, one no longer needs the raft and can leave it behind.

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  1. beautiful truths-thank you


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