I never believed in love at first sight,
Until our eyes met across the room.
Now I’ve had a change of heart,
In an instant, love began to bloom.

Our eyes gravitated to each other,
His of brown, mine of blue.
Then drawing close together,
My heart skipped a beat or two.

Gazing into his handsome face
I couldn’t deny love at first sight,
When he tenderly took my hand
My heart fluttered again that night.

Slowly walking back to my home
I knew that we wouldn’t part.
He didn’t need any convincing,
This was his plan from the start.

We ended up in bed together,
His warm body next to mine.
The thrill I felt that night ,
Would last ’till the end of time.

Love at first sight does happen,
I’ve found it’s true as can be,
We’re lassoed by love together,
My dog named Angus and me.

by Vivien Wade

girl-1160441_6402402398100F0624B2A-7075-4A17-80769188FC0C0ED4_sourcedog kiss.jpg.653x0_q80_crop-smartelite-daily-dogs-Gulle-Faingold-800x400pit-bull-lap-dog-most-affectionate-dog-breedsRudy - credit Juli-Anne Warll 2190dog-human-kiss22SxROxlwords-that-remind-us-why-we-have-paw-prints-on-our-hearts-14-photos-12d3b645fae1492569ab9b2591e948e8cbwords-that-remind-us-why-we-have-paw-prints-on-our-hearts-14-photos-15


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