FUNNY POEMS: “Get a transfer”(coping with doubt and gloom)


If you are on the Gloomy Line, get a transfer.
If you’re inclined to fret and pine, get a transfer.
Get off the track of doubt and gloom,
Get on the Sunshine Track -there’s room- Get a transfer.

If you’re on the Worry  Train, get a transfer.
You must not stay there and complain, get a transfer.
The Cheerful Cars are passing through, and there’s lots of room for you-
Get a transfer.

If you’re on the Grouchy Track, get a transfer.
Just take a Happy Special back, get a transfer.
Jump on the train and pull the rope,
That lands you at the station of  Hope-
Get a transfer.

Remember the line, “get a transfer”. Use it as a positive affirmation when things are not going as you wish. Never let go of hope – dream, take action, and get that transfer to live the life you wish.

Poet: Unknown

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  1. Lindap says:

    I just loved this little poem!


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