POEMS FROM URUGUAY: “The fig tree” by Juana de Ibarbourou AKA: “Juana of the Americas” “La higuera”



For it is harsh and ugly,
For all its branches are gray,
I pity the fig tree.

On my manor there are hundred beautiful trees:
round plum trees,
straight lemon trees,
orange trees with shiny blossoms.
In spring time
they all are covered with flowers
around the fig tree.
Only the poor one seems forlorn
with its twisted branches that are never
dressed in buds.
every time I pass it
I say, trying
to give a sweet and happy  tone to my voice:
“It is the most beautiful fig tree
among all the trees in the garden”.
If it listens,
If it understands the language I am speaking,
what a sweet grace will nestle
in its sensitive soul of this tree!
And, may be at night,
when the wind is fanning its crown,
drunk with joy it may tell:
Today they told me I am beautiful!


Born March 8, 1895, Melo, Uruguay—died July 1979, Montevideo. Uruguayan poet, one of the most famous Latin American women poets. She was venerated for her lyrical celebration of love and nature. https://www.britannica.com/biography/Juana-de-Ibarbourou


Porque es áspera y fea,
porque todas sus ramas son grises,
yo le tengo piedad a la higuera.

En mi quinta hay cien árboles bellos:
ciruelos redondos,
limoneros rectos
y naranjos de brotes lustrosos.

En las primaveras,
todos ellos se cubren de flores
en torno a la higuera.

Y la pobre parece tan triste
con sus gajos torcidos que nunca
de apretados capullos se visten…

Por eso,
cada verz que yo paso a su lado,
digo, procurando
hacer dulce y alegre mi acento:
-Es la higuera el más bello
de los árboles en el huerto.

Si ella escucha,
si comprende el idioma en que hablo,
¡qué dulzura tan honda hará nido
en su alma sensible de árbol!

Y tal vez a la noche,
cuando el viento abanique su copa,
embriagada de gozo, le cuente:
-Hoy a mi me dijeron hermosa.

Juana de Ibarbourou


“Childhood is the time in which we all are creative”


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  1. LindaP says:

    I really loved this poem!


  2. Thank you! I am so glad you enjoyed it!;)


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