“As above so below”…. Hermes Trismegistus

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I just watched a short film “Entanglement: Tales of every day magic” based on the writings of a best seller writer and scientist Gregg Braden who explores the possibility of quantum entanglement and the connection with the presence of a Divine Matrix. Through a very interesting story about twin brothers, a student has a very enlightening dialogue with a physics professor. As twin brothers, since they were children, each was able to sense when the other was in danger, when sad, or happy.

The young and open mind of the student is like a sponge trying to absorb the complex science of quantum physics as the professor interprets in more simple terms what the latest’s theories of research and discoveries are beginning to conclude about the nature of the Universe.

He talks about John Archibald Wheeler, a colleague of Einstein, and Max Plank the founder of quantum theory.  It seems that the Universe is like a giant matrix or unified field in which we are all interconnected, like a great infinite source of consciousness the fabric of the universe connects everything, just as the nervous system in our bodies acts as a communication highway between all the cells or neurons through electrical impulses. Plank talked about this Matrix from which everything originates such as the birth of the stars or the DNA of life.

Gregg Braden in his book “The Divine Matrix” talks about this web of energy that connects everything in our worlds, like a unified field that surrounds us and in which we are all immersed. He talks about how we can be conscious co-creators of our realities, the essence of miracles, and the power of our own minds when we are not limited by belief systems and how we can consciously connect to that infinite power through prayer, meditation, contemplation, etc. He describes the value of going back to ancient traditions to deeper understand higher levels of reality, dimensions beyond our world in this infinite multiverse in which we are all a part of the One unified field of Consciousness.

He bridges these newer scientific discoveries with spirituality and it looks as if finally science is confirming the existence of God, in modern and more complex terms but nevertheless just as powerful and meaningful.







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