Finding comfort after the loss of my mom

CARRYING PLACE SUNSET_FotorAfter mom passed away, I was immersed by a deep sense of emptiness. On the day of mom’s cremation we walked through the park of the cemetery and we found some comfort in the beauty of the trees in bloom and the colorful touch of spring which was evident everywhere. May is usually a beautiful month and this was just the week after “mother’s day”. I sat with my husband for a while under a tree contemplating the display of beauty in front of us and pondering on the brevity of life and the inevitable changes we all must face through our life stages or seasons.

Once we decided to leave, we walked across the street from the park and we were attracted by a store that sold bird feeders and such. I wanted to surround myself with life! We decided to get some bird feeders, different types of seeds and a beautiful book about all the birds of North America with an addition where you can actually hear the recording of the songs and sounds of each type of bird. After that we passed by a garden center and we decided to buy a beautiful rose bush and some flowers to dedicate to my mom by creating a garden in her memory and placing the bird feeders and bird baths to attract new life to our backyard where mom used to rest in a chaise on her last days.IMG_2426_Fotor

The garden was filled with colorful birds that delighted us with their beauty and their soothing songs. Nothing can ever replace the void that is left behind when a loved one departs from our physical realm and we can no longer hug them, touch them, or hear their voices and laughter. However, we can treasure the memories that live in our hearts forever and we can find comfort in nature where life is always present, ever changing through the seasons but always coming back in new forms through rebirth and renewal.

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another” (Albert Einstein).IMG_1183_Fotor

Life goes on, in our physical plane and beyond where our eyes cannot it see but where our hearts can sense it.



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  1. miraclewingsweb says:

    There are certainly hard times in our lives, as was in yours, Give some time, it will be fine, sorry for your loss, mother’s love is greatest gift anyone can have! I understand,


    1. Thank you so much for your sentiments, you are right time helps to heal and a mother’s love is one of the greatest!

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